Green power

Welcome to, a website dedicated to energy ratings.

basic energy ratings: Who needs one?
- You run a business and your monthly rent and utilities are out of hand.
- You own a home that is drafty in the winter and stuffy in the summer. 
- You have an old furnace, or a gas unvented fireplace and want to make sure they're safe. 
- You want to make changes but you're not sure where to start. New windows might help but can I get the best return on investment changing my windows? Our energy ratings can determine what are the best solutions for YOUR home. We have no vested interested in selling you any products so our determinations are unbiased.

What is the process?
Several diagnostic tools are used to assess the house. A blower door test , CO test, air quality test and duct test. Appliances are checked for efficiency. Steve also performs a utility bill analysis used to determine where your home falls in the national average of energy usage. Then you will see a Return on Investment (ROI) calculation for what kind of improvements you make and how long to pay it off.

What are the benefits?
Example : Tom has a large old home on the Mainline. Majestic stairway, five fireplaces and lots of charm. The mortgage is paid off but the utilities are over the top. Also, many rooms are drafty causing a tenant to have to use a dangerous space heater. Steve was able to....